Friday, February 17, 2012

From my car window yesterday I could see once again the burned forest of Bastrop State Park. For now it blends in with the wintry landscape along the entire drive. But soon Texas will break into glorious bloom--just not here. (That is unless the State has dropped bluebonnet seeds along the boulevard.) As spring begins and one drives along this same road the contrast between the living and the dying will be great. 

As God looks out at humanity does God see a similar contrast? Jesus seemed to easily discern between those who were living (could "see" and "hear") and those who could not (the "blind" and "deaf"). 

But here too is hope. We know this forest will come alive once more. It will take time. That too seems to be God's everlasting hope and vision for all creation. Some day all will see and hear and all Creation will sing.

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